Mac VM disk resize

I have a MacOS VM running on Proxmox installed by using the instructions from Nicholas Sherlock

Installing macOS 12 “Monterey” on Proxmox 7 – Nicholas Sherlock

I ran out of disk space for the VM and needed to add more.

  1. Shutdown the MacOS VM
  2. Increase disk size in the Proxmox GUI
  3. Start the MacOS instance and connect to it
  4. Open Disk Utility
  5. Run "First Aid" on the disk
  6. Open the partitioning tool
  7. Type in the disk size you want (dragging didn't seem to work correctly)
    The "unused disk" fraction (grey) may be WRONG - but that's okay. As the resize runs MacOS makes sure the new disk size will work.
  8. Boom! You should now be all set with your larger disk!